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Welcome to A Lovely Planet! I’m Hayley, and I started the travel blog a few years ago as a way to share the tips I have learnt.



I’ve always loved to travel and friends and family would often ask me for tips on places I had been, so I started saving the emails I wrote and decided to publish them on a blog. A Lovely Planet has grown from there.

I’m originally from the UK, but now live in Sydney and as well as travel writing I work as a TV, Radio and Digital Producer.



As A Lovely Planet has grown, so has the team, and I now have three new faces contributing to the travel blog!




Enrico is my partner and has become A Lovely Planet’s resident photographer! Originally from Treviso in Italy, his main passion (other than travel) is surfing.


Sarah & James



Sarah & James are both content Producers across Digital, Video, and Photography. They join A Lovely Planet, sharing top travel tips and their love for scuba diving across SE Asia for 2018. You can also follow their diving adventures on their Instagram @diveinexplore.


Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at hayley@alovelyplanet.com.

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Here are some of my favourite destinations and articles: Zanzibar, Emilia Romagna and Kangaroo Island


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