An Adventure in Paraty, Brazil



I love an adventure, and one of my favourite things about travelling is finding places you didn’t know existed. I had one of these adventures in Brazil, in a beautiful little colonial town called Paraty.

Upon arriving in the town, my sister and I got chatting to a few locals.  We had planned to do a tour of the town when we got there, but they suggested instead, that we head out of the town to a collection of waterfalls and natural pools. So, we abandoned our original plan, grabbed our swimsuits and followed their directions.


IMG_1021 (2)


We found ourselves in the most amazing location, full of rock pools and waterfalls surrounded by lush rainforest. The best part was there was only a couple of other people there, who were all Paraty residents. The waterfalls had a natural slide that you could glide down on your bum, or for the more athletic/talented – slide down on foot (with an optional somersault at the end!)


IMG_1025 (1)


There was a 12 metre high rock above a deep pool of water, which made for a very scary and exciting diving board. We hadn’t seen anyone do it, but there was a rope ladder attached, so we knew its purpose. After checking the depth of the water we headed up the ladder. 12 metres definitely looks a lot higher from the top, but after a few seconds contemplation – I went for it. It was an exhilarating experience. The only snag was that as I hit the water the pressure ripped my bikini bottoms off – so getting out of the rock pool was a little interesting! It was an amazing day and one I will never forget.


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