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I’ve been thinking recently about the people who have inspired me and contributed towards my love for travel.  There are many in the list, including travel writers, friends and of course my parents, who instilled the travel bug in me from a young age.  So I’ve decided to share some of these people, my inspirational travellers – and hopefully they will inspire your travels in the same way.


Baby Hayley

Baby Hayley


First on the list is my grandmother, Margaret Porter.  Margaret is an amazing woman. Despite having had many difficulties in her life, she is one of the happiest and most positive people I know.  She has 5 children, some who live in the UK and some who live abroad.  For years, Grandma has spent 6 months in England, with three of her children, then a few months in Hong Kong with her daughter Gina and the rest of the year in Australia with her eldest son Ian.  While in Hong Kong she would help out at the Jockey Club where Gina worked, cook for countless events, and even party in the nightclubs.  And in Australia, she has travelled the west coast, looked after hundreds of kids (for anyone who needs a babysitter), as well as swimming with sharks (unintentionally!) and possibly beating the world record for photographs taken of kangaroos!


Margaret Porter



Grandma is now 89, and Gina no longer lives in Hong Kong, but Grandma still visits Australia every year, travelling the long journey on her own.  Having experienced the journey a few times, I know it can be pretty exhausting and not particularly enjoyable, so the fact that my grandma is still totally unfazed at 89 I think is pretty remarkable.  She’ll happily spend hours talking to the person next to her, accompanied with a purse full of photos of her 21 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I hope that I continue to travel as she does and am as active as she is when I get older, she is truly an inspirational traveller.


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