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How To Plan A Road Trip

  Road trips are a great way to maximise your holiday and visit more than one destination in a trip, and they are a really fun way to see the world. When planning a road trip, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming…..where to stay, how many nights in each place, which accommodation, how much will it cost? A road trip can have so many variables.     So I find the best way to start, is to work out how many days and nights you have. If you have loads of time off then great, you can be much more flexible, but if you only have a few weeks, a good way to get the most time is to do a Saturday – Sunday trip. Which means you get more days actually on the trip and still only have to take two weeks off work. Counting days and nights is important, because if its going to take 8 hours to drive somewhere and you are only spending one night, you aren’t going get much time to actually see anything.     Once you know how long you ...

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